Upcoming book: These Burning Streets

Update: The book is published and available from Combustion Books!

Sometime this summer we’ll be releasing a short book of poetry by political arrestee Kelly Rose Pflug-Back. For those who remain unaware, Kelly was arrested at the G-20 demonstrations in Toronto in 2010 and accused of being the leader of the leaderless Black Bloc. The worst of her charges have been dropped, but she has pleaded guilty to destruction of police and corporate property (I believe the formal charge is “mischief”) and awaits sentencing. Until she is free of the judicial system, we will be selling this book as a fundraiser, with every dollar we receive going directly to support her.

For more about the political repression related to the G-20 in Toronto, we suggest the Toronto Anarchist Black Cross.

For more about Kelly’s poetry, see for example her poem Sweet Mercy, Her Body an Ark of Wild Beasts published by Ideomancer.