The Seduction of the Wind

The Seduction of the Wind

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Two years in the making, we are happy to release Jimmy T. Hand’s first collection of fiction stories, entitled “The Seduction of the Wind.” Illustrated beautifully by Robin, these eight stories run the gamut from steampunk to parable. “The Baron” has appeared previously in SteamPunk Magazine #1.

3 thoughts on “The Seduction of the Wind”

  1. Scene Drama: Word on teh interbot is taht in teh seemingly unified tangledpubicwilderness kuntlecctive, there’s a huge bloodfeud between Jimmy teh h8 and Margaret Pwn Killjoy. Both have told me taht tehy lust for teh other’z bl00t. Perhaps an epic litero-bahtlul (hopefully with some surusly epic lit-erawtica detours) is in order?

  2. Now, this is remarkably exaggerated. Yes, there were issues between the two of us, but nothing that threatens the future of Tangled Wilderness. The short of it is that Jimmy was upset with how much energy the collective was pouring into SteamPunk Magazine, but since the release of Seduction, he hasn’t had as much of a problem and we’re drinking buddies once more.

  3. 0 RLY? Teh Scrotum Tabloider has done a thorough analysis of Teh H8’z work, and all signs point to teh fact taht he is in teh process of planning to kill your character. I’m only tellig j00 this becuz i’ve met both of j00 IRL and taht kid fillz me with even m0re h8 tahn j00 d0 [don’t tell him I said that]. Purhapz a pre-emptive strike on one of his favorite characters is in order?

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