4 thoughts on “The Road to Either Or”

  1. I didn’t get through teh whole story in one viewing sess — sign of a tr00 quality lit-erawtica!!!!!!111488

    Jimmy teh h8 iz fuxxxing mehtul

  2. Unbelievably well written!
    Thanks for sharing this, I’ll definitely distribute this to people on the other side of this most defendable earth, smiling at knowing they’ll get sucked into this stories’ lov(e)able cast of characters lifes, recognizable situations and good causes.
    And effects. Let’s not forget those!

  3. This story was amazing in writing and plot and everything. Jimmy you have a bizarre way of writing really similar to the way i think. I was trying to explain some experiences i had traveling to my mom and i gave her this zine and was like this is pretty much how it was. I want my lovers to read this i want my parents to read this i want all my friends to read this ahhh its so good! Thankyou

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