Mythmakers and Lawbreakers is out!

Margaret Killjoy’s book-length exploration of the intersections between anarchism and fiction, Mythmakers & Lawbreakers: anarchist writers on fiction is out! Find or request it at your local infoshop, independent bookstore, etc. etc… or just buy it online from AK Press or Also included in the book, as interviewees, is our own Jimmy T. Hand, and SteamPunk Magazine regular Professor Calamity.

Album – Magpie Killjoy – Demo 08

We’re happy to announce the release of Magpie’s latest demo CD, the aptly titled “Demo 08”. Herein you will find 11 tracks (10 with vocals, one instrumental) of Magpie’s usual accordion mayhem. The album was recorded by Nathaniel Johnstone in Seattle over the past few weeks and was mastered (to what degree it’s mastered) by Magpie. The cover photo was done by Libby Bulloff.

Here’s a zip file of the entire album.
Individual tracks and a PDF of the cover (to print yourself! yay!) after the break:
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