poster – g20 protests 2009

So the 20 most powerful economic countries in the world get together all the time to hash out how they want to best run the entire world’s economy. What? The most powerful economic countries want to make the decisions for everyone? Imagine that. Fortunately, the G20 (group of 20) actually have to physically meet to accomplish this most effectively, and by meeting in one place they expose themselves to the voices and bodies of the people who don’t want to be governed. For more information about the G20 protests, go to

Note that this summer there will be a few lead-in events, including the Anarchy Summer Camp in northern Virginia on July 17-19th, and the CrimethInc. Convergence in Pittsburgh, July 20-26th. So let’s get together and kick capitalism while it’s down, shall we?

pdf of the poster, 8.5″ x 11″

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