One thought on “It’s Okay To Be An -Ist”

  1. I really liked this. I tend to not label myself as an anarchist, as I inevitably end up having to explain that anarchism is not violent choas, but this has made me think again.

    And I’m probably going to regret this, but: I work as a psycholinguist (another label), and one of the main debates in this field at the moment is over whether language changes how we think. Some scientists have found that people with english as their first language will have more difficultly seeing a difference between light blues and dark blues then russian or greek speakers. They claim this happens because russian and greek have two colour words for blue, one for dark and one for light, and that this changes the way that those people speak.

    So this means that (possibly) what language we use, and the concepts that language has in it, define what we are capable of thinking. So could defining ourselves with a label actually change what we are capable of thinking? As an Anarchist (I’ll take the label now :), I really hope this isn’t true, but when I talk to some Marxists, I do begin to wonder!

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