Instead of a safety pin

we’re pleased to offer these 1″ (and now 2.25″) buttons to help you make clear your intention to, you know, fuck up bigots.

UPDATED January 2, 2017: We’ve now added 2.25″ versions of these templates for people with access to 2.25″ buttonmakers.
Templates: 2.25″ Fuck Up Bigots pin and 2.25″ Stop Bigots pin.
For sale on etsy: 2.25″ Fuck Up Bigots pin and 2.25″ Stop Bigots pin.

UPDATED November 16: Unfortunately, demand has far exceeded Birds Before the Storm’s capacity to print buttons at cost. They are still available for full price ($1.50 per button) although with a fairly long manufacturing time while they catch up on all the tens of thousands they are producing and mailing out at basically-cost. Once they’re caught up they will probably make them available for bulk again. You can purchase the NSFW version (pictured above) or the Safe For Work version.

UPDATED November 18: Our new friends at Pins & Needles PDX have taken the burden. Buttons are available for $1 each or 10 for $2 total.

If you have access to a 1″ button maker, you can use the PDF template of the NSFW version and the Safe For Work version we’ve provided. In addition, there is now a 2.25″ template available of the NSFW version and the Safe For Work version from our new friends at Headfirst! Records.

Anarchist, collectively-run publisher AK Press is selling T-Shirts for $15 of the NSFW version and the Safe for Work version. This is cheaper than their usual shirts and AK Press has a long history of direct involvement and support for with anti-oppression work, so we trust them to do this.

For us this message isn’t about allyship. It’s about solidarity between marginalized peoples who are facing increased harassment in the wake of Trump’s election.

6 thoughts on “Instead of a safety pin”

  1. FYI:
    DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND: I will continue to list these items as cheaply as I can, but my button-making infrastructure is backed up with sales and it might be a few weeks before your order is shipped. Hopefully it will be less than that.

    Instead of just a safety pin. This isn’t about allyship, this is about solidarity.

    The cost of buying an individual one of these buttons is now $1.00. Bulk orders can be made by purchasing 10 packs for $2.00 each (twenty cents a button, basically cost).

    A free template is available for people with access to a 1″ button maker, available at

    Note that any additional buttons after the first one are only 10cents more to ship.

    1. Thanks! I downloaded your template and modified for 1.25 inch button. Added some colors. Would you like the PDF to offer folks with the alternate size button maker?

  2. I wanted to pin a safety pin on as soon as I heard about this.

    But then, people were telling me that I should be able to defend myself and somebody else before I do that.

    I have the will to defend myself, but I’m 73 years old. I need a pin that shows my sympathy without inciting violence.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi! That makes a lot of sense. I don’t have any immediate suggestions, but it’s definitely a thing we’re glad to consider.

  3. What a great idea! We at are equipped to make buttons in 2-1/4″ and 3-1/2″ sizes and have taken you up on your kind invitation to others to help get these buttons out there. (In addition to your original B&W design, we also did a version with a rainbow background.)

    Both designs are available in 2-1/4″ size for $1 each or 8 buttons for $3, plus $7 flat rate shipping regardless of how many buttons you’re getting. (Both designs are also available in 3-1/2″ size for $3 each or 4 buttons for $7, but 3-1/2″ is a HUGE button — eyeball it on a ruler before ordering that size, because you might find it a bit cumbersome to wear full-time.)

    As of right now, we are NOT overwhelmed and are shipping orders within a couple of days.

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