This is an attempt (likely a failed attempt) at being a complete list of infoshops in the US (and potentially Canada). Specifically, in this case we’re focusing on volunteer and/or collectively run radical/anarchist shops that sell or lend books and/or zines. Some of these places specialize as bookstores, others are social centers and/or radical libraries (note). Choosing this criteria for the list is not meant as a value judgement against the spaces that aren’t being included. And we’re definitely open to suggestions for the list. Let us know at

A more exhaustive list of radical spaces is maintained by the slingshot collective.

This list was last updated on June 23, 2015



The Lucy Parsons Center (Boston, MA)
Bluestockings (New York, NY)
The Wooden Shoe (Philadelphia, PA)
The Big Idea (Pittsburgh, PA)
Red Emma’s (Baltimore, MD)
HX Library at Stone Soup (Worcester, MA)


Firestorm (Asheville, NC)
Greenleaf Coffee Co-op (Greensboro, NC)
Civic Media Center (Gainesville, FL)


Sporeprint (Columbus, OH)
SoapBox Books (Cincinnati, OH)
Guide to Kulchur (Cleveland, OH)
Boneshaker Books (Minneapolis, MN)
Madison Infoshop (Madison, WI)
People’s Book Cooperative (Milwaukee, WI)
IWW Literature Department (Chicago, IL)
Flyover Infoshop (Carbondale, IL)
Boxcar Books (Bloomington, IN)

Southwest and Texas

Taala Hooghan (Flagstaff, AZ) – temporarily closed
Monkeywrench Books (Austin, TX)

West Coast

Blood Orange Infoshop (Riverside, CA)
Qilombo (Oakland, CA)
The Long Haul (Berkeley, CA)
Bound Together (San Francisco, CA)
SubRosa (Santa Cruz, CA)
Blackjack Bioregional Infoshop (Bend, OR)
Anarres Infoshop (Portland, OR)
Left Bank (Seattle, WA)
Black Coffee Co-op (Seattle, WA) – between locations


(not yet as well-researched)
Camas Books (Victoria, BC)
Spartacus Books (Vancouver, BC)
38 Blood Alley (Vancouver, BC)
Rober Street Social Center & Anchor Archive Zine Library (Halifax, NS)
Junto Library (Winnipeg, MB)
Librairie L’Insoumise (Montreal, QC)
Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore (Montreal, QC)
The Tower (Hamilton, ON)

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