Jessup the Goblin

Jessup the Goblin

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by Jimmy T. Hand

Once, not so long ago but in a place very different from here, there lived a little goblin boy. As everyone knows, all little goblins are called boys until they grow up and pick whether they want to be a goblin man or goblin woman or something else entirely.

This little goblin’s name was Jessup, and he wanted to be a runner more than anything else in the world. In those days, people used runners to pass messages between one village and the next. They had telephones, of course, but ringing someone up was considered rude and was only done in emergencies.

Every spring, each village held competitions to see which goblins were the fastest. The winners competed against the human boys in the great summer festival. Human children, of course, are both boys and girls. But the girls weren’t allowed to compete because human culture is sexist.

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Space Pirates With Mohawks And Shit

Number One: Life On Other Planets Is Difficult

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by Margaret Killjoy

Get in the airlock,” Danarchy said, threatening the freighter captain with a scimitar.

“You’re going to rename my ship the Theremin?”

“You think I’m happy about it? I wanted it to be the Aus-Rotten, but it’s not my turn now is it? It’s Evey’s turn and she wants it called the Theremin. You have a problem with it, take it up with her.”
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