SiTW is now being printed and carried by Black Powder Press!

Almost a year after our mail-order shut down, we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with anarchist publishers Black Powder Press to keep our zines in print!

So far they’re only carrying Ever & Anon, Being The Adventures of One Fine Summer, and …And Into Autumn, but the rest of our catalog will be forthcoming!

Bookmark the Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness page on the site in order to keep up to date on what they’ve got!

Potential zines – anarchist fiction from around the spanish civil war

La Novela Libre #44 - Mujeres libres

crossposted from Birds Before The Storm:

When I was in Amsterdam I spent several days at the International Institute of Social History, which actually has a fascinating history of its own (such as smuggling documents out of Spain as fascist forces sweep through). Anyhow, the place is the world’s largest repository of anarchist history. Of particular note to me, it houses almost-complete collections of La Novela Ideal and La Novela Libre, two long-running, regular, widely distributed fiction magazines published by anarchists in Spain up into the Spanish civil war.

So I went and I photographed a lot of stuff, which I’ve put up on my Flickr. The catch is that I can’t really read enough Spanish to understand these things. So please, anyone with interest in this stuff, let me know. If the stories are good, I’d be happy to make them available in zine format. And if anyone is feeling really inspired, I’d be happy to print English translations as well.

Specifically, I’ve posted (books are in Spanish unless noted):

New Items In The Mail-Order

We’ve got two new items in the mail-order!

Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness contributor Margaret Killjoy (author of Space Pirates With Mohawks And Shit as well as other zines) has been photographing their travels for the past year or so, collecting a unique sort of personal zine / photo book combination every season.

We’ve been tabling these photo zines for awhile, and the first one has been available online through a print-on-demand publisher, but we’re happy to have gotten some copies in bulk, so they’re now only $5, since you can buy them through us! Each one is 52 pages, full color, printed with a spine like a proper book and everything. The first issue can be downloaded for free, and the second one will be available for free download this autumn when Margaret returns from their European book tour.

We’ve also stopped carrying the Steamypunk 1-5 collection of zines for the moment until we can get them reprinted. Hopefully this fall you’ll be seeing several new books and zines from us, as well as reprintings of some of our favorites.

Mail Order now together!

After many years of not really running a mail-order, we’ve finally got one set up! It’s mostly SteamPunk Magazzine and related stuff, but you can add free Strangers zines to any order you make. Since we offer most of our zines for free, it didn’t really make sense to set up a mail-order of free things (since, sadly, we are made neither of time or postage). But we hope this system will work out well.