Quarter-Sheet Flyer for Anti-Trump Rallies

Text as a flyer:

This text is formatted as a quarter-sheet flyer to be passed out to participants and bystanders at post-election anti-Trump rallies. Simply print the pdf and cut it in four.

We Won’t Be Governed by Hate

Trump’s campaign was one of pure, might-makes-right nationalism. He has proposed a registry of Muslims. He brags about sexually assaulting women. It’s written into his official platform that he will force Mexico to pay for American infrastructure. He tweets Mussolini quotes. He intends to withdraw from international agreements against climate change. He believes in an America that is “strong” at the expense of its most marginalized people and at the expense of the rest of the world.

Even more dangerous than his ability to influence political policy is his ability to inspire white nationalists towards organized violence. His election emboldened racists and homophobes. We are here to counter that.

This is not about supporting Hillary Clinton. This is not about electoral politics at all. This isn’t about getting out the vote for 2020. It’s about what we can do, here and now, to prevent Trump’s toxic nationalism from further infecting the country.

Instead of giving up, we can fight. The electoral system has failed us again. Let’s not fail ourselves. Let’s not fail each other.

Every step trump’s government takes, we can be there to counter it.