call for submissions – A World Without A Nation: anarchist and other non-state visions of society.

As we play a leading role in the militant resistance to the rise of fascism, the world’s eyes are on anarchists like they haven’t been in decades. We ought to make the best of that.

By attacking what we despise, we’ve made it clear what we’re against — authoritarianism in all its guises. But we all know that the black bloc and demonstrations are just the tip of the anarchist iceberg. It’s probably time to show the world what else is in that iceberg.

We’re looking for short explorations (500-3000 words) of anarchist and other non-state visions of the future. We believe in a world in which many worlds are possible, so… what do those worlds look like? What do you believe an anarchist-communist society might look like? An anarchist-primitivist society? A green-syndicalist society? A mutualist society? A post-scarcity solarpunk anarchist society? A decolonized society? An anti-state Marxist society? A Christian anarchist society? A Muslim anarchist society? Some other sort of society we haven’t listed here? The only limits are: the society described must be possible without a quantum leap in technology (no Star Trek replicators or uploading our consciousness) and without the die-off of the world’s population; the society must be non-state, non-capitalist, and strive towards the eradication of coercive hierarchy.

The piece can be written as an essay (preferred) or potentially as fiction. It should be written in a non-academic tone and not require the reader to already be familiar with specialized philosophical or political concepts. As with all our publications, we will prioritize contributors with underrepresented voices, including writers of color, and writers who are trans, queer people, working class writers, people with disabilities, undocumented writers or those from immigrant communities, and women writers.

We have editors willing to work with you to articulate your visions. If you have a fairly unique point of view but don’t feel comfortable writing a piece on your own or simply don’t have time, we are willing to work with you to ghostwrite your piece to your specifications.

The deadline for contributions is March 15, but we highly encourage people to send pitches for consideration before writing full pieces.

There is no pay (nor do we pay ourselves)
. The accepted works will be posted on and collected into print (presumably as a zine, but potentially as a book).

Pitches or submissions can be made to editor Margaret Killjoy at

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