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In our work on the book A Small Key Can Open A Large Door: The Rojava Revolution, we found ourselves collaborating with the remarkable group Rojava Solidarity New York City. They do a lot of great work.

Maybe most importantly, they’re working directly with two different places in Rojava in need of books, including English language books and ebook readers (particularly Kindles). This, then, is a call for solidarity. Rojava Solidarity NYC needs books and it could use more money for the postage to send the books.

The Mesopotamian Social Sciences Academy
The Mesopotamian Social Sciences Academy is the first autonomous university in Rojava. They are looking for non-fiction books on radical history, political science, theory, philosophy and culture. Also, they’re looking for ebook readers (Kindle would be ideal–if you or anyone you know has an old Kindle you’re not using anymore, send it to student in Rojava). They are also looking for server space and web hosting.

The People’s Library of Kobane
The PLK is a library effort started by volunteers after the existing library in Kobane substained damage and was set on fire by ISIS thugs. It will be a place for the young in Kobane to access books and ideas. They are looking for graphic novels, comics, and children’s books, all of which that are somewhat political or at least not reactionary.

To contact Rojava Solidarity NYC with questions, email them at Books and ebook reader donations can be mailed to:

Rojava Solidarity
c/o The Base
1302 Myrtle Avenue
Bushwick, NY 11221

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