Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness is a publisher of anarchist culture. Founded in autumn 2003, we produce texts, posters, zines, and books. Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to supporting gift economics and free culture, and we make as much of our work freely available as possible.

For several years we ran our own mail-order, primarily when were the publishers of SteamPunk Magazine, but our friends at Combustion Books have since taken over publishing the magazine as well as running our mail-order. Our books may be purchased through them.


At the moment (as of 2015 or so), we are primarily interested in publishing zine-length texts. While much of our work is overtly political, we’re equally interested in imaginative history, narrative non-fiction, short fiction, and even the much-maligned personal zine. We do not currently accept unsolicited poetry manuscripts. We do not currently compensate authors, nor do we compensate ourselves for the work of editing, design, or publishing.


The current acquisitions editor is Margaret Killjoy: magpie@birdsbeforethestorm.net